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My goal is to create and execute Business Incubators and Excellorators for the Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) to provide the tools, knowledge, resources and language to navigate these confusing environments. So that these communities can become self substancing business owners and Entrepreneurs. 

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The Minister

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We empower others to create and inspire!


I have been an advocate for women of color for decades. Either through ministry and or small business, I want to see women of color develop to their highest achievement capacity. As I tried to pursue my own goals I've run into obstacle after obstacle. For that reason I want to be a resource for women who have had the same challenges and disappointing setbacks.



The Small Business Cafe' was created for those who desire to become business owners or Entrepreneurs. These online start up classes include how to file with the state as a business, how to choose your name and the necessary steps toward maximizing your business plan for funding and exposure to donors.


Small Business Cafe

This was created for women who were not raised in an environment that met their ministry gift needs. We journey through Ephesians 4 to understand how our gifts fit into the body if Christ, regardless of denomination.


Women in the Ministry

Parenting is the "toughest job you will ever love." I have spent 38 years in a Early Childhood classroom helping parents navigate child rearing at some of the most difficult stages of life. The early years can be exciting when you understand the development of children. I endeavor to help you find confidence and joy in parenting young children. I can also train for daycare.


Early Childhood Development

Accountability is the key to achieving success. This service was created to give you guidelines in achieving your goals. Whether it's business, ministry, parenting or personal, I can help you stay true and consistent with monthly online calls and encouragement. 


Life Coaching

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We strive to empower the support the Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) communities


My heart is very empathic for very young children, women of a certain age, parents and women in ministry/business. I was teaching my Sunday school lessons to the children in my backyard before 7 years of age. I was called into ministry at 25 years of age. I spent 38 years in the classroom with 2 and 3 year olds . I've been a businesses owner since 2000. I've always been a problem solver and the first to go above and beyond any requirements. I take great pleasure in helping to correct societal ills for those who can not speak for themselves as an advocate. My calling is to help women survive in transitional times and life's sudden crisis. I believe it's important to first do no harm, and then help when you can!

Angela Allen Johnson has worked with the WBC of KY since 2004. She started out as an attendee at our business workshop and ended up leading several entrepreneurial workshops that we sponsored in Lexington and in Louisville – all to help women learn about expanding and growing their businesses. Angela has led discussions and workshops at our 4th Friday Strong Women Strong Coffee roundtable meetings in Louisville. She played an instrumental role in our Women in Business Expos and Conferences by helping with the planning process, leading workshops, and serving as Co-MC of the event. She also served on a panel of seasoned business owners who shared their stories and successes while fielding questions from women looking to start and grow their businesses.


Phyllis Alcorn

Retired WBC Director of KY

What our clients are saying


Debi Warford

I have known Angela for a LONG time! I met her asa new-again convert at the church. She has always been a source of knowledge and wisdom to me. She has been instrumental in my growth in my Christian walk.

Donna Bryant

Angela Johnson became my life coach during a time when I was spiritually, emotionally, and physically bankrupt. She has guided me through all of my trauma with the utmost professionalism and acre. Life has new meaning because of Angela.

Tricia Platt

Professional early childhood educators are a treasure. Angela was a valued colleague for her developmental, cultural, and parenting knowledge. Her wisdom, advocacy, integrity, faith and humor made her a source of calm in the chaos. She strengthened and supported her students with patience, understanding and joy.

Tonia Alexander

I met Angela in 1995. She has done nothing but let her light shine for the Lord! I've heard Angela minister many times and she is a powerful speaker. She delivers the word of God with humor and insight. Book her for your next program or event and will not be disappointed!

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